Jou Hand Vashou

Love, of which I know little about, yet it remains strong within me, to the point of nearly groaning.


Soos ‘n Wind

Thinking of my best friend after our unfortunate clash and separation.

Floater in the Ocean

Tonight I was seriously considering leaving Pretoria by taking my backpack and hike all the way to Cape Town. I have no established dream yet; no personal goal that I want to reach. For some reason hiking such a distance appears to be a solution, though I'm not quite sure it is. What would I... Continue Reading →


Is it not faith that can keeps us from losing hope? Is it not faith that will allow blessings in time to come? Is it not through faith that we have peace? The most impossible thing can stand before us, like a mountain; but as it is written, if we can have the faith of... Continue Reading →

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Sara in LaLaLand

Welcome to my world.

Whatusee Photography

whatusee determines your mood, inspires you, can haunt you for life, is who you become.

The Shooting Star

Just a girl who travels.


these ramblings of mine