Getting ready for my travel around South Africa

I have found my dream. In my previous post I wrote about how dreamless I am, and how I’m a floater in the ocean of emptiness. And now, finally I know what my dream is. I have discovered the map and the direction to my destination.
My dream is to travel through the entire South Africa – my home. I want to see every little town and place that our country offers. I want to meet new people, make new friends, capture the beautiful areas that only South Africa can show, with art. I want to do whatever my hand finds to do for cash; and freelance jobs that I can do online for income. I want to walk, take the bus, take the train, ride a boat down the river and fly a Boeing again. I want to learn new skills by volunteering. I want to learn new things. And most importantly, I have a message to deliver all over. My dream has been established, and I’m forever thankful to my LORD, Jesus Christ.
Who knows what treasures I’ll dig up along the way?

Therefore, I’ve decided to finally go for it and travel through my home country, South Africa. To be honest, I’m scared. Scared of the unknown, scared of not being able to afford anything on my trip and end up going home and return to my old 8-5 life. But the scariness is what drives me forward. Being scared gives me more reason to pursue my dream. I have to prove my fear that I own it, and it not me.

After some minor research of backpacking and reading OTHER travellers’ blogs, I took some of their advice to start planning properly before I go. I’m doing precisely that. This weekend I’m buying a map of South Africa to plan my route. Step One.
I’ve already done research on some travel services, since I’ve decided to sell my car at some point, and since I don’t want to walk all the way from Pretoria to wherever. Options include the Blue Train, BazBus, Taxis, and busses. I wouldn’t hitch hike. Accommodation could be another issue, however I believe that all would be taken care of.
I came across a site which suggests volunteering at certain organisations. To me, that is a fantastic idea. One even offers accommodation for the time I volunteer. I took note of the ones that interest me, one in particular in Zululand that deals with wildlife. These volunteering opportunities should be a great way of learning and growth – two things I seriously need in my life.
I also noticed that I have a large travel bag which my friend, Neville gave to me last year – I had no idea how it would come in handy then, but now it would be my biggest asset besides my laptop.
Things work out precisely how they should. If I hadn’t had the interest of becoming a field guide (I still do and can’t wait to finally attend the full course for FGASA level 1), I wouldn’t have bought my hiking shoes, bag, binoculars and books. All the things I need for travelling. Boom! Lol, that word.

The other issue I have to deal with – which from what I read before, other travellers dealt with too – is selling and giving away my belongings. Then to quit my job. Then to say good bye.
I have no idea how I’ll manage. I have no idea what lies ahead or what I’m going to do. All I know is that I look forward at the time ahead, whatever I may, or may not expect.
I know that once I step out of the door with my bags packed, I’ll be taking every step in faith, going and growing in Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Nothing else will keep me going.


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