Is it not faith that can keeps us from losing hope? Is it not faith that will allow blessings in time to come? Is it not through faith that we have peace?

The most impossible thing can stand before us, like a mountain; but as it is written, if we can have the faith of a mustard seed, we can tell that mountain to move, and it shall obey. Is faith not an effective tool?

Every mountain is different. They vary in size, height, form and colour. Some mountains are easy to get over. They will be the ones that are walkable, not so high and covered with grass.
Other mountains are more difficult to pass through. They are the rockier ones; more difficult to hike, and you have to be careful where you step so that you don’t slip and fall. They are steeper and higher.
Then there are the giants. They are walkable up to a certain level, then you have to climb.
Some of these giants don’t contain any plant life. They are dry. They are solid rock. They are enormous and exceedingly high – so high that some are covered with snow or surrounded by clouds. Both are terrible. The snow is freezing and the clouds make it impossible to see. Without the right equipment, it’s not possible to go over them.

There can be multiple mountains to face at once and they may seem impossible to move, yet they can.
Some mountains take years to move, while others can move in a moment. Some mountains require walking over, while other mountains require the full moving of itself. But they cannot move unless we have the faith to command it.

Whatever the situasions are in our lives, big mountains or small ones, each mountain is different and each one should be dealt with in it’s own way. If a mountain requires patience, it’ll be moved when it needs to. If a mountain requires walking and climbing to get over, then God provides us with the right equipment, and faith will be our stamina.

It doesn’t matter what the mountains look like. With faith, we will eventually see ourselves on the other side of the mountain. Faith is the channel through which the power of the Holy Spirit moves. The power of God’s Spirit is always enough to move a mountain, even when the channel is as tiny as a mustard seed.


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